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In New Orleans, we root for the Saints (NFL football), the Pelicans (NBA basketball), and the Jesters (semi-pro soccer). Sporting events in the Crescent City are just another chance to gather with friends and family to celebrate a lifestyle that’s uniquely ours. Here, it’s not so much whether you win or lose, it’s how much you enjoyed the game.

Saints Football The New Orleans Saints always give fans something to cheer about. Come to the Superdome to see the team that Drew Brees led to win the Super Bowl in 2010. Find the Saints season...

Pelicans Basketball The New Orleans Pelicans play in the Smoothie King Center and make for an exciting game. Find the team's season schedule, here. Flock up!

Jesters Soccer New Orleans's semi-pro soccer team, the Jesters, play in City Park's 5,000-seat Pan-American Stadium. See their May to July schedule & more, here!

NOLA Gold Rugby Cheer on the South's premier professional rugby team right here in New Orleans.

Crescent City Football Club Crescent City Football Club is a year-round semi professional football (soccer) club focused on providing an outlet for local players aspiring to compete at the highest level possible.

At the end of game when quarterback Drew Brees took his baby son in his arms, fans cheered and cried. Traffic was halted all over the city most of the night as die-hard and fair-weather fans alike came out to celebrate the boys in the black and gold. That night in New Orleans became a touchstone for a generation.

Whether the team wins or loses, it remains beloved by all. Residents gather for viewing parties in their houses and favorite bars. Tailgaiting flourishes as an event in itself. “Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints?”

The NFL franchise was announced on Nov. 1, 1966, the Catholic All Saints Day holiday, widely celebrated in New Orleans. What better name to call the team than the Saints? Season ticket holders keep the games sold out but tickets are available via platforms like Stubhub, and are much more reasonably priced than in other NFL cities. Brass bands roam and the food selection is lavish. There's even a stadium oyster bar. Go to for more information.

New Orleans Basketball | Through the Decades

New Orleans first gained a professional team in 1947, when professional basketball was first introduced to the country. The team, the Hurricanes, only had one season of eight games. The city gained another ABA team, the Buccaneers, but for only three years. It wasn't until 1974 for New Orleans to gain a NBA team, the Jazz. The Jazz had superstar Pete Maravich, but the team's home to New Orleans was short-lived. In 1979, the Jazz relocated to Utah.

Twenty years later, the Hornet's came to New Orleans in 2002. The new arena next to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was a helpful draw for the team. Since then, NBA fans have remained in New Orleans and continue to cheer on the home team. The team was renamed the Pelicans for the 2013-2014 season following a new team owner, the late Tom Benson. Benson wanted the team to have a name that reflected something more local.

The New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans continue to bring the heat. In 2019, the team gained college superstar Zion Williamson. The action on the court is always exciting and the halftime entertainment is possibly the best in the league. Skilled gymnasts, shooting contests, team cheers lead by led by mascot, Pierre T. Pelican and roving brass bands are just a few of the fun happenings fans enjoy. And, if you're lucky and your hands are quick, you might just catch a Pelicans T-shirt that's either shot into the stands. Come out and cheer for the home team. There are single-game tickets for sale as well as family and party packages. Go to for more. Let's dance.

Things to Do Near the Smoothie King Center

In New Orleans, fan fun begins well before tip-off and continues beyond the final shot clock. If you're looking for the perfect way to kick-off or close out any Pelicans home game in the CBD, check out our Game Day Itinerary . Everything from where to eat, have late-night drinks and the best tailgating hideouts are found here.