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Filing and Payment Extensions Granted for Tax Returns Due on November 20, 2019

We have extended the deadline for making payments until February 14, 2020 to ensure that taxpayers will not incur interest charges as a result of this delay.

On November 18, 2019, a ransomware attack impacted operations and services of Louisiana state government, including the Louisiana Department of Revenue (“Department”). No state tax returns or confidential taxpayer information was breached during the attack. However, certain services provided by the Department remain delayed as of the publication of this bulletin, including the Department's Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (“LaTAP”) and Parish E-file. The purpose of this bulletin is to grant filing and payment extensions for all tax returns due on November 20, 2019.

Filing and payment extensions are granted for all tax and fee types with a return due on November 20, 2019. No extension request is necessary. These tax and fee types include:

  1. Sales and Use Tax (whether filed by dealers or direct marketers);
  2. Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications 911 Service Charge;
  3. Hotel Occupancy Tax;
  4. Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority Food and Beverage Tax;
  5. Beer Tax;
  6. Tobacco Tax;
  7. Motor Fuel Tax (including Special Fuels);
  8. Wine Direct Shippers Tax;
  9. Automobile Rental Excise Tax; and
  10. Transportation and Communication Tax.

We have extended the deadline for making payments until February 14, 2020 to ensure that taxpayers will not incur interest charges as a result of this delay.

In accordance with LA R.S. 47:1601(A)(2)(c) and 1603(A)(1), any interest, delinquent filing penalty, and delinquent payment penalty that would otherwise be due will be administratively abated and waived in its entirety if the tax return is filed and related remittance of the tax or fee is made in full by November 25, 2019.

Sales/Use/Parking Tax

There are three easy ways to pay your sales taxes online. The websites are secure, reliable, and will save you time. You do not have to calculate the amount of tax due. Our websites calculate the taxes due automatically. Credit cards are accepted on the website only. On the Parish E-File website you may pay your City of New Orleans and State of Louisiana sales taxes together.

Select only ONE of the following websites:

Sales Tax Forms

The Bureau of Revenue offers downloadable sales tax forms for those who need them. These forms include

  • Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Return and Hotel Occupancy Priviledge Tax return for hotel/motel establishments
  • Occupational License renewal form
  • Sales/Use/Parking Tax Return for all businesses
  • Request for a waiver of penalty due to delinquency/underpayment of taxes
  • Renewal form for hazardous material emergency preparedness service charge

Click here for more information and downloadable sales tax forms from the Bureau of Revenue.

Property Tax

Please be advised that the due date for 2021 property taxes has been extended to February 28,2021.

To pay your property taxes online, you will need your tax bill number. Search for your Real Estate bill number by visiting the Assessor's website or call (504) 658-1712. If you need your Business Personal Property Tax number call (504) 658-1350.

Hotel/Motel Tax, Occupational License Renewal

New Orleans Police Department

The mission of the New Orleans Police Department is to provide professional police services to the public in order to maintain order and protect life and property. In order to accomplish our mission, we are committed to the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing as a means to inform our organizational decisions and prioritize our crime fighting and quality of life initiatives by engaging each neighborhood and community organization in collaborative problem-solving partnerships.

The NOFD has a long history of dedicated service to the New Orleans community and this continues today. The number of fires and the manner in which we deal with fires have changed over time, so it makes sense that our duties have evolved to adapt to this change. However, our 20-year-old NOFD mission statement remains the same:

“The NOFD will respond to all emergency situations in the City of New Orleans to protect and save life and property. Further, the Department will strive to reduce the incidence of fire and the loss of life and injuries to civilians and fire personnel.”

As you can see our mission is to protect the community from the devastating effects of fire. Of course, one of those methods is to extinguish them but, we are more cost-effective when we are “proactive” in preventing them. Therefore our ultimate goal is to prevent as many fires as possible and put into place systems which allow for the earliest detection of fires rather than simply waiting until they occur. We do this to avoid greater loss of life, property and potential injuries to both firefighters and the residents we serve.

New Orleans Medical Emergency Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality pre-hospita l emergency care to individuals living in and visiting New Orleans.

As public servants, EMS provides time-sensitive, medically-sound and respectful, compassionate delivery of this pre-hospital health care.

The Municipal and Traffic Court of New Orleans open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. daily based on the following protocols:

  1. All individuals seeking entry will be pre-screened. Pre-screening shall include temperature checks by a medial professional and responding to a basic health interview. Be prepared to wait in outdoor accommodations before entering the courthouse.
  2. Only defendants with a scheduled court appearance or making a payment, attorneys and individuals authorized by a judge shall be allowed into the courthouse.
  3. If you feel sick or have been caring for someone with COVID 19, do not appear.
  4. All individuals entering the courthouse shall be required to wear a mask. Those who report without a mask will be provided one.
  5. All matters within the courthouse shall be conducted at 25% individual capacity and six feet of social distance.
  6. Hallways and corridors shall be clear and are to be used for access only.
  7. Web and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) capabilities, payments that can be made by visiting the court website at or by calling (504) 658-8500 are encouraged.
  8. Please call the Clerk's Office at (504) 658-8500 for any questions regarding appearance.
  9. Hearings involving incarcerated defendants shall continue to proceed via video-conference.

Every case with our court that had a date of appearance between the period of March 13, 2020 through May 29, 2020 are in the process of being reset for a future date. Notices of these new dates will be mailed out via United States Postal Service to the defendant's current address on file. To better serve the public, our phone operators will be available between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday (excluding observed holidays) to assist defendants.

Starting June 1, 2020, the following changes will occur:

  • Judges court times will change to accommodate smaller dockets in response to COVID-19. Only defendants who have a scheduled date to appear will be allowed in the building to handle their court matter. New times are as follows: